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Unstructured Data is growing rapidly

Everyday, the vast amount of data on the web heavily influences public opinion.

Yet, most of these data is unused since it is unstructured and difficult to process.

Midas turns Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights.

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MIDAS integrates traditional and social media monitoring, measurement, and evaluation.

Choosing the right media intelligence partner empowers you to make better decisions by delivering

What matters When it matters

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Choose your data

Choose from a broad range of content to fit your business needs

Tell us what matters for you

Create a list of the topics and entities that you care about

Enjoy qualitative insights and quantitative scale

Use the insights to make more informative data-driven decisions

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At Midas, we believe the best way to achieve optimum results

is to work together with our clients as partners.

We provide everything from specific expertise on discrete issues to

holistic transformations spanning strategy design, build, implementation and ongoing support.

We strive for continuous improvement

We look to plan actions to optimise performance for your business future.

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from automated monitoring and evaluation, to consultancy services

midas helps you separate the news from noise to uncover what is most important to your organisation

We believe every data-driven journey is unique and that is why we do not utilize a one-size-fits-all approach.



In an era where there is more news and content being generated than ever before, how do you keep up with all the media content published every day?

We put the power in your hand. Choose what you want to monitor, and we bring you the most comprehensive global coverage possible


How do you identify what’s important, what represents your next great opportunity, without spending your whole day searching through online content?

We work with you to help cut through the noise and deliver the insights that matter to your organization in real-time, enriched by top-notch AI technology


Data & AI Consultancy

You have forward-thinking ideas and you want a tech-savvy partner to take your idea from conception to reality?

Our consultancy services enables you to re-imagine how you demonstrate the impact of your data and AI by building a tech framework wholly aligned to your goals.

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